Controllers, Shatterline & More

The ultimate guide on customizing your Shatterline Experience!

a guide written by 3oF

People have complained about controllers, aim assist & how bad is the controller support inside the game currently so I decided I could probably do something about it

And yeah I have some configurations that we will look at today including Gyroscopic Aim, Flick Stick, Mouse Joystick & etc

All of this was made possible with Steam Input

Section 1 - Basic Mouse & Keyboard to Controller translation!

Well, the current state of Shatterline controller support is well, lacking and needs a lot of configuration so the first idea is to port the Mouse & Keyboard controls to a controller.

Firstly you should open Steam and open the Steam Input panel and start configuring your controller keybinds to mouse inputs & etc.

I decided to implement a literal translation from M+K to a controller. so my left joystick is pushing WASD buttons virtually to move with some overlap with other directions & I might as well Aim with my right stick as a mouse input.

Shooting with the triggers & etc are just virtual inputs to the keyboard from the controller everything can be controlled & configured by just using Steam Input

Steam Input with a Xbox Controller M+K configuration.

This method eliminates any controller assists like Aim Assist but I don't like this configuration due to it relying on the right stick compared to gyro + flick stick which I will be covering in the next section

Also if you don't want to configure it yourself I have a premade config for a few controllers including the Xbox One Controller!
Xbox One Controller: steam://controllerconfig/2089760/2857571343 and the PlayStation 4 DualShock: steam://controllerconfig/2089760/2857651508

Section 2 - Right Stick aiming is bad, lets throw it into trash and lets use gyro !

This section will require a controller that has Gyroscopic controls. Xbox controllers are not gyroscopic controllers as they do not have any gyro's inside

I hated using the right joystick to aim so I thought would there be any better alternatives to using the right stick? I started researching and I found out there are some good alternatives to using the right stick, namely Gyroscopic aim and Flick stick.

Well I started configuring again and I got into some roadblocks, namely, how do I recenter my cursor mid-game? I can recenter my mouse by lifting it as it pauses the tracking but how do you do this with Gyroscopic controls?

Well I started using a "pause" or a "toggle" button when gyro-aiming so I can always pause the gyro and recenter my controller and resume killing people

The gyro pause / toggle button configuration on Steam Input

Along with gyro I decided to enable this cool thing called Flick-Stick which was made by a cool guy named Jibb Smart. Basically, the right stick is bad at aiming so why not just use the Flick-stick as a way to move the camera and do rough camera movements and adjust your aim with the gyro?

Jibb Smart (the guy who made flick stick) explaining how it worked

Well yeah, that's what I enabled and it felt better than just using the right stick for aiming. so let's look at how we configured it and what you need to change & etc!

Section 2.1 - How I configured it

Let's look at what things we enabled.

The configuration I used for the gyro

Firstly I enabled "Mouse Like joystick" on the Gyroscopic aim options and decided to start configuring it a lot.

You may have just noticed that my Vertical Sensitivity is pretty high and might be wondering why I have that high of a Sensitivity.

Well because the sensitivity is high so I really don’t need to make many big movements compared to with much lower sensitivity. I mean you don't need to have that high so you can configure it to whatever you like it

The next step is to enable the flick-stick. It's very easy and usually does not need any additional configs but I do suggest trying some snap modes if you want to use them. I won't cover them in this guide sadly.

Well this is what flick-stick looks like

And now you are done. You have enabled Flick-Stick, Gyro & M+K controls.
But if you don't want to read this guide fully and do everything yourself below this paragraph are some links to some controller layouts. 

Gyro + Flick-Stick without M+K Inputs: steam://controllerconfig/2089760/2857283431

Gyro + Flick-Stick with M+K Inputs: steam://controllerconfig/2089760/2857653398